"Then I will give you shepherds after My own heart, who will feed you on knowledge and understanding."

Jeremiah 3:15

Pastoral Team

Jason and Amy Sayer

Jason Sayer is the Senior Pastor of Living Word Chapel in Palmer Lake, Colorado. Jason and Amy moved to Palmer Lake from Shiloh, the Living Word Fellowship Church and Conference center in Kalona, Iowa where they were mentored for many years under Craig and Phyllis Haworth, the overseeing ministries of Shiloh.

Jason was born in Iowa, eleven months before his family moved to California. While growing up, Jason developed a love for music and worship and by the time he was eleven years old he was the principal keyboardist for Church of the Living Word in Santa Barbara—the church that his parents were pastoring at the time. Jason attended college in Santa Barbara, and later moved to San Diego where he continued his education, played in local bands and kept searching for God’s purpose in his life.

In 2002, Jason’s search led him to Shiloh where he found in Craig Haworth, the spiritual fathering relationship he had been looking for. This relationship provided the love, guidance, and discipline that helped Jason identify the calling and purpose God had for him.

Amy was also born in Iowa and grew up in the church at Shiloh where her parents, Chuck and Jody Rogness, were involved in the pastoral team. Amy believed the Lord provides ways for people to express their faith within the church community. As an expression of this belief, she took a leading role in Shiloh’s young adult activities. In her early twenties, Amy was looking for a change and wanted something deeper in her relationship to the Lord. This led her to move to San Diego.

While seeking the Lord in San Diego, Amy had a deep experience reading the book of Ruth. Ruth and Naomi’s deep family relationship, love for one another, and commitment to serve the Lord together became more than a story; it became a pattern that Amy wanted for her own life. She realized that her relationship with Phyllis Haworth was the answer. In 2002 Amy moved back to Shiloh to help Phyllis in caring for Shiloh and Marilyn Farms.

Jason and Amy met in San Diego and were married at Shiloh in 2004. Their daughter Erika was born in 2006. Jason worked at the facility for nine years; caring for the building, leading the worship band, and learning to pastor the congregation. In 2010 Jason was ordained as a pastor at Shiloh and soon after was presented with the idea of helping minister at Living Word Chapel in Palmer Lake—the church at which his parents were currently pastors. For the next two years, Jason and Amy made frequent trips to Palmer Lake and fell in love with the people and the community. In February 2012, Jason was commissioned as the Senior Pastor of Living Word Chapel, and moved to Palmer Lake with his family. Craig and Phyllis continue to mentor Jason and Amy in the oversight of and care for the congregation at Living Word Chapel.