“…they are going to come from the North and the South and the East and the West to be here because of what's in your spirits…You have the anointing for the prophetic flow and the prophecy that creates.”

Marilyn Hargrave: July 12, 1991

A Brief History of Living Word Chapel

In 1968, the founder of The Living Word Fellowship, John Robert Stevens, visited the Colorado Springs area and ministered to a small group of believers. During his visit, Stevens spoke a prophetic Word to the group:

“This house is declared to be free and to be an oasis in the midst of this land where people may come, and they may find help, and they may find food and sustenance. Here the waters of life shall flow and the blessing of the Lord shall be unlimited. And the Lord shall train and the Lord shall teach and He shall bring forth the glory and the wonder of His name within this house.”

After Stevens’ visit, Grace Chapel Church took form and rented property in Old Colorado City. The congregation was full of faith toward God, and by His grace began to grow and mature under the teachings published by The Living Word.

In 1979, the church incorporated and changed its name to Living Word Chapel to more strongly reflect the association with The Living Word Fellowship. When the Old Colorado City church building was sold in 1982, the church continued to meet in the Colorado Springs area in various rented facilities.

Throughout the 80s, under the encouragement and direction of Gary and Marilyn Hargrave and the Apostolic Company, the church prayed and searched for a permanent facility to call home. In 1991, Living Word Chapel purchased a beautiful 28-acre property nestled in the Rocky Mountain foothills in Palmer Lake, Colorado. The property, previously known as Camp Elephant Rock, had been used by the Salvation Army for a summer youth camp in the ’60s and ’70s. The property now serves as the home of Living Word Chapel, and has hosted youth gatherings and ministry meetings for The Living Word Fellowship.

John and Chris Sayer were commissioned as pastors of Living Word Chapel in 2002. Eight years later in 2010, their son Jason and his wife Amy began visiting the church from their home in Kalona, Iowa on a regular basis. During the next two years, the four of them ministered to the church; a powerful picture of God’s blessing resting on and ministering through two generations working together.

In 2012, Jason and his family moved to Palmer Lake and Jason was commissioned as Senior Pastor of Living Word Chapel. Jason’s family carries the same commitment that his parents have to build a thriving local church exemplified by a heart to walk in God’s Word and minister to the surrounding community.

Just as John Robert Stevens spoke in 1968, the church has become an oasis in the midst of this land, where worship and the blessing of the Lord continues to flow, and where believers express the glory and wonder of the Lord Jesus Christ in their daily lives.

Excerpt taken from a 6/14/1968 sermon by John Robert Stevens in Colorado Springs. Copyright © 2010 by The Living Word. Used by permission.